Reunion T-Shirt

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Reunion T-Shirts:                        $15/shirt  
 $20/shirt    $25/Shirt *
 "Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger"  * Backorder Shirts include Shipping       

If you are NOT attending the Reunion,              
ADD Shipping & Handling Fee:
         $ 8/shirt


To order T-Shirts, go to the 35 YEAR REUNION Registration Page.

(Note:  Final Design may be slightly different)

Thanks to:

  • Adriene Watts Rainey for the Design Concept
  • Cathy Amsler Rogers for the slogan, "Once a Tiger....Always A Tiger!"
    (Okay, so actually she just happened to wear a Bentonville H.S. shirt, with that slogan on it, to the last reunion)
  • Amanda & Rob, at Trivia Marketing, for doing the hard part...
    creating the design.