Missing Classmates

[05/06/14 -  I have now changed the parameters for this list to only include those classmates for whom we have NO contact information.  We are mailing a postcard, today and tomorrow, to those classmates for whom we have a mailing address AND who are NOT signed up on this website.  Feel free to scroll through the entire Classmate Profiles page, and see if your friends have indicated that they are going to the reunion.  If not, get in touch with them and encourage them to do so.]

"Missing Classmates" are those for whom we have no email address, nor a mailing address, nor a phone number entered in our system.  Please take a moment to browse through this list.  If you have an email address for any of the classmates listed, please click on their name and enter their email address in the "Send Invite" box.  If you do not have an email address, but stay in touch with that person, please ask them come to this website (http://www.lrch79.com/), click on their name, under "Classmate Profiles", and register for the website.  If you have Phone and/or Mailing Address information, please send that to us using the "Contact Us" link.

THANK YOU for your help in getting as many classmates as possible connected with our Class of 79 website.


Vicki L. Acker
Carl Eric Alexander
Tony Eugene Alexander
Joe Baird
Augustine Ballard
Terry Eugene Battles
Regina Bingley
Charles Block
Deena Bogart (Reynolds)
Roberta Bolten
Jacqueline Bradshaw
Cheryl Bright
Micheal Ray Brown
Sheila Brown
Timothy J. Bullman
Tonia Castrellon
Julie Chamberlain
Steve Childers
Shelley Cobb
Alisa Cockrell
Diane Coleman
Wayne Coleman
Angela Collins
Richard Connors
Kenneth Coulter
Jake Cunningham
Jim Cunningham
Alexa Vene Davis
Becky Davis
Edna Davis
Sheila Davis
Wilbert Davis
Tammy Deal (Mitchell)
Raymond C. Dixon
Charisse Lachell Dunbar
Marie Earnest
Gena Elder
Horace Elliott
Kim Wardell Eskew
Jeff Ewing
John Andrew Fazio
Randall Ford
Steven Forrester
Barbara Foust
Matthew James Franklin
Walter Leon Gaskins
Liveorn Gilbert
Charles Giles
Pearlean Gilyard
Lisa Givens
Joann Goins
June Karen Gordon
Kevin Gray
Matt Gray
Steve Griffin
Donna Griffith
Helen Harris (Oakley)
Janet Harris
Mack Harris
Willie Harris
Mark Hatch
Reiko Hawn
Willy Heard
James Henderson
Allene Higgins
Robert Higgins
Rose Rene Hillard
Brenda Hogg
Harold Holland
Beverly Kayr Horton
Louie Hunt
Rena Jackson
Paul Jenkins
Tom R. Jennings
Glenda Johnson
Joyce Johnson
Keith Johnson
Sheila Johnson
Carlos L. Jones
Contance Diane Jones
Gary Paul Jones
Joyce Ann Jones
Richard Jones
Andy King
Greg King
Richard Kohlman
Monica Krick
Dianna Lamar (Davis)
Bernita Faye Lawrence
Napoleon Lee
Patricia Lewis
Jennifer Marlowe
Lisa Marshall
Jeanette Martin
Lisa Matthews
Wisteria McAfee
Carolyn McBride
Beverly McCarther
Tommy L. McClendon
Regina McClinton (Wilson)
Patricia McFee
Sharon McKay
Nan Meade
Greg Medlock
Kim Menden
Anthony Mitchell
Robbie Diane Mitchell
Grellen Wayne Moore
Mike Moore
Jacquelyn Morales
David Nelson
George Nelson
Dee Norman
David Palmer
Eric D. Peebles
Gem Reynolds (Schamoramohan)
Joyce Richardson
Juanita Roberson
Darrell Robinson
Adilia Rodrigues
Lil Russell (Morales)
Mike Seward
Charles "Butch" Seymore
Leslie Simpson
Sandra Smith
Douglas G. Snyder
Dennis Taylor
Patricia Taylor
Roy L. Taylor
Tim Templeton
Donna Thomas (Harris)
Debbie Thornton
Sharon Turner
Elesha Walker
James Walker
Shirley Walker
Rita Waters
Sylvester White
David Whitson
Linda Wiley
Gennie Williams
Larry Williams
Valarie Williams (Bosley)
Carla Wilson
Efrem Wilson
Amie Wright
Robert Wright
Scott Young